What a fantastic weekend? Apple store, Easthamstead Park, Kids Party and London with the family

I have just enjoyed a whole weekend off work!  What a very strange feeling to take a weekend off with no shoots and no sitting at the computer working away but as my computers where both at the Apple store I could not work even if I wanted to.  As much as I love my job it felt great to relax with my family and friends and gave me a chance to think about the year ahead.

On Saturday whilst in the oracle dropping my apple computers off, I visited Easthampstead Park’s exhibition stand.  I was really impressed to see how great their stand looked and to see some of my images used with their display.  It was great to to see all the lovely staff who I have got to know over the years.  Then it was off to my friends house for a kids party (I love party food!) we all had a fab time then a film with my hubby in the evening – HEAVEN!

On Sunday I became a tourist in London I LOVE LONDON! and made some more use of our Merlin passes. Every time I visit London I always think we must do this more often.  As I took in the streets of London – I decided I must make a special visit with my Canon 5D MK 2 very soon and will spend a morning just taking images of this wonderful city that is so local to me.

On our way from Madamme Tussards on our way to Sea Life  I decided to stop and look over my shoulder and take in this.   Thank you Handbag camera 🙂

As I walked over to the stand I was very impressed with everything that Easthampstead Park had done and very pleased to see the image of the little boy holding the rings that I had taken 🙂 

Me surprising Stuart in the Oracle – What a grand looking stand?   I spot some children enjoying the sweets 🙂


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