Fun at Focus on Imaging 2012 & My beautiful new purchase

After photographing five families on Saturday morning and spending time with my daughters later on on Saturday it was an early night for me as I would be setting off at 6.45am to start the journey to Focus on Imaging in Birmingham.  After having a quick coffee with my friends in Crowthorne we jumped in their car & headed off to Maidenhead to collect another photographer & then we where on our way.  I had been pretty excited about going as have not been for about 7 years but had not been organised enough in planning anyone to go and see who was talking there.

The weather included sleet, wind and rain on our way and was generally rubbish.  I though it was because we where up north but turns out it was the same down South too. Once in Focus on imaging me and my friends split up and did our own things until lunch time.

First stand I see as I walked in was Canon.  I see a queue and asked what it was for and was really pleased when the lady said it was Jeff Ascough talking so I jumped in the queue – Great start to the day!  Last time I was here all those years ago I actually attended one of Jeff’s seminars.  His images where stunning and really inspiring and his talk on documentary wedding photography was really helpful.  I left the talk feeling like I had learnt quite a lot.

I then thought I’d have a look at Jacobs stand as have had my eye on the 24mm lens and wanted to purchase one very soon.  Another surprise – I found myself purchasing it right there and then 🙂  Not planned to make such a big purchase there, however there was a show offer and I could not resist!

I have had my eye on this lens for a month now & thanks to lots of  recent wedding bookings I felt ready to treat myself

I watched  a few demonstrations that where of interest to me including the ones on studio lighting below.  I really enjoyed watching a demonstration on some software that has been on my wish list too.  I must say I did not carry my main camera I just took my trusty handbag Canon S90.  Not sure why so many people walk round with their big cameras round their necks with flashes attached??  Unless they are using them to film the demonstrations maybe.


I enjoyed watching a few lighting demonstrations here 

It was an excellent day out my only disappointments where the lack of freebies 🙂 and not managing to see everyone.  If I lived nearer I would have gone back for another few hours another day.


Good bye Focus on Imaging – See you in 2013 xx

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