My 5 photography goals for 2013

I am not keen on the term ‘new years resolution’ but I like to set monthly & annual goals.  I’ve been doing this for around a decade now.  I set a few professional ones and a few new personal ones.  It keeps me motivated and is a way of life now.  I make sure these goals include keeping up things that I enjoy doing and that make my life healthier like my running, guitar lessons, keeping up  with weekly sessions of off road mountain biking with my dad and getting the right balance between work and family.

I was very happy yesterday to start the new year with a new years day run, that is something I have never done before and was a new goal I had set myself.  It felt fantastic.

Here are My 5 photography goals for 2013. I will visit this post same time, next year and see if I have managed to achieve them all.

1. Car

It is time for a new car as I am travelling more and more with my weddings and shoots.  I will try not to buy a mini despite keep looking at them and will try to be practical and buy a car more suited for carrying my mobile studio around.  This goal is going to be most difficult and I am not sure I am going to be able to resist.  Apparently me and big cars are not suited so it may have to be the mini. 🙂

2. New equipment

I aim to purchase two new lenses.  I then hope to shoot most weddings on 2-3 lenses to maintain consistency and get to know each lens completely.   2013 is the year I will get my Canon mark III camera and new apple desktop computer.

3. Inspiration

Documentary photography is what I love. I have started the new year on my amazon account purchasing a few books based on the works of documentary photographers that I admire.  Looking forward to being inspired by some fantastic photographers and seeing how it affects the way I see things.

4. 2013 Diary

I aim to book at least one maternity shoot in the diary every week in 2013 (two to three a week is my goal and would be a dream) as well as at least one indian wedding and a few same sex weddings too. I have been doing this for many years now and am seeking variety and new experiences in 2013 to keep me excited about what I do and love.

5.  Blogging

I failed last year at this but this year I aim to blog often at least twice a week. I actually have already completed a post click here to check it out.  I also hope to make time to post lots more of my personal work.


Adam Riley - January 29, 2013 - 3:42 pm

Good luck with the goals Tina – I’m sure your have no problem reaching them 🙂

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