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I got home from mountain biking with my dad yesterday evening to find this waiting for me.

I was over the moon.  A card from all of my daughter’s class to say thanks for helping in the school recently.  Each child has drawn a little picture of themselves and put their name under neath.

In the past month I have photographed a few events at the school including the year 2 leavers image  – this is always a fun one to photograph as it involves getting all the kids excited for a fun pose rather then the traditional staged pose.  I was asked to get some pictures on sports day too, a lovely day, well organised and we actually had sunshine in June!

The other week I arrived at the school early with Stuart (one of the dads) who had the olympic torch.  I photographed Stuart & the kids together with the  torch to help raise funds for the school as well as giving the kids and some of their mums a chance to hold the torch.

I also had fun photographing the kids, the teacher and the school for their new website.

I make no money from these events as it is my way of saying thanks for  providing  my daughter with an excellent education and a way of helping the school as I am always so busy with the business so not so helpful at the events.

Receiving this was just so cute and I really appreciate it.   I get more and more soppy about things like this as I get older.  It is lovely when the kids shout my name out or want to chat when I pop in the school now so it was really lovely to receive the card from all the little ones that are now getting to recognise me more. 🙂


A card to Mrs Henness – My married name.  I am Mrs H when not working. 🙂

Sienna at the olympic based sports day held in another local school.  Sienna played for Italy and they won.  I was so happy that Sienna got to hold a little trophy and wear a medal.


Helping mummy go round the school photographing the children and teachers for the school website
Sienna and Stuart (a daddy from the school )who kindly gave up his time & bought in his olympic torch to help raise funds for the school.  All the children got to have a hold of the torch and parents got the option to purchase photos of their kids holding the torch.

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