Photographing in London | London Photography | Street Photography

With my new 24mm lens purchased at Focus.  I headed up to London to meet some photographer friends I had met through twitter as we planned to take some images together before sunset.

I decided to get into London early on my own and take some images on the street for a few hours first.

This was good as I got to test my new lens in all different lighting conditions throughout the day before I used it on a wedding.

Going out and taking images like the ones below are good for me in many ways.  It is good to enjoy different types of photography as it keeps you excited and passionate about your job always.  After doing photography for sixteen years I am passionate about documentary photography and going out on days like these help me observe people and guess what there next move might be.  As a documentay wedding photographer it is important to observe and listen and wait for the right moment.

I cannot wait to get a fuji x100 soon so that I can head out with a fantastic little camera rather then carry round a heavy digital slr.

Below is a small selection from some that I took.

Lunch time in a London Park near South Bank with some visitorsWalking towards Oxford StreetLooking out for interesting reflections and find this rather yummy one
I was actually lost at this point too and waiting to ask directions Easter Time in Oxford StreetLooking at reflections, lines and shapes at the underground stationBeautiful and full of tourists – South bankSome evening images around London

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