Stewart & Chloe get married in the wedding pavilion at Easthampstead Park

The wedding pavilion at Easthampstead Park is another lovely upgrade to the already stunning venue, probably one of the best outdoor ceremony venues around.

I was so happy to be asked by Stewart – a manager from Easthampstead Park to photograph his marriage to Chloe.

I have know Stewart for over a decade now through both working at Easthamstead Park and he was also my wedding manager ten years ago when my now husband and I discussed our wedding plans to hold our reception at the venue.

With a 50m aisle, Chloe’s guests where seated awaiting her arrival with the couples music playing in the background in preparation for their wedding ceremony. The Wedding Pavilion at Easthampstead Park is stunning and Stewart and his new wife both looked stunning too.

The sun was out and Stewart & Chloe got married in the wedding pavilion.

It was a lovely day, full of laughter, tears and celebration and we even drove to a beautiful spot near Bray for more photographs before I left the wedding party as they went to favourite venue to eat followed by dancing all night at the Ritz.

Stunning outdoor Wedding Pavilion at Easthamstead Park

Here is another beautiful wedding in a gorgeous Victorian mansion which now includes a stunning outdoor Wedding Pavilion.

I recently was lucky enough to photograph a fellow photographer’s wedding at my favourite venue Easthampstead Park.

Simon and I are both recommended suppliers for the venue and have known each other for many years as we both advertise at their wedding fair twice a year.  Simon is a really lovely man, loved by all the staff at Easthampstead Park and I was very honoured when he asked me to document his special day.

I loved that my first outdoor wedding at the venue was to photograph Simon and his beautiful wife Claire’s wedding and was very pleased that the weather was perfect for them and their guests.

It really was a day of smiles, laughter and celebration in the sun.  It was really amazing and lovely to see how Simon had all the emotions just like any other groom, despite the fact he has photographed loads of weddings.

The four beautiful bridesmaids are Simon’s and Claire’s daughters and where a pleasure to photograph.

I loved editing these images as there was so many happy images of the wedding day, it made me happy to edit them.

Here are lots of my favourites from the day.

Stunning outdoor Wedding Pavilion at Easthamstead Park

nicky bell - September 14, 2017 - 9:47 pm

These photos are lovely Tina.x

tina - September 20, 2017 - 11:33 am

Thank you Nicky x

A gift for our mum – a location photography shoot with the grandchildren

All the way across the world lives my only brother together with his wife, three children and lots of pets and animals.

As a surprise for our parents we decided on a photo shoot with all the grandchildren together for them.  We would then put the best images in an album and get them a large professionally framed image too.

It was during a family holiday at christmas just before a meal I spent a short amount of time with the kids having fun and taking various images of them around the huge garden.  Nan and granddad ended up in a few images too which was not planned but worked out perfectly.

I honestly cannot think of anything more special that my brother and I could have got for our parents as it is not often all the grandchildren are all together and their is nothing more special then children.

Grandchildren Photoshoot 01Grandchildren Photoshoot 02Grandchildren Photoshoot 03Grandchildren Photoshoot 04Grandchildren Photoshoot 05Grandchildren Photoshoot 06Grandchildren Photoshoot 07Grandchildren Photoshoot 08Grandchildren Photoshoot 09Grandchildren Photoshoot 10

If you are still deciding on what to surprise your mum or wife to this Mother’s day to show them how special they are why not consider a gift certificate for portraits either of the children or why not make it a day out and have mum in the portraits too or the whole family and the pets 🙂

And for those mums out there is does not hurt to give a hint.

Make mum happy with a thoughtful and easy gift.

A gift package will include a 1 hour family portrait session with a framed image.   It will take place at your home or a location nearby.  Gift certificates can be sent or collected.

A beautiful present for mum and dad| Family location photography

It was mum and dad’s golden wedding anniversary so Helen rounded up the siblings, partners and kids to join mum and dad for a location shoot in Purley.

It was early one weekend morning back in the summer when we all met up.  I enjoyed chatting to the ladies whilst waiting for everyone to arrive. The kids got to play with their cousins so we all felt relaxed before taking any photographs.

I love this type of photo shoot; three generations coming together and lots of adults and kids to photograph.

I find when you take a family somewhere out in the open you really get to capture the relationships between family members so much better than in studio conditions.  I think it is because we have more time, space, and being outdoors just makes us all more happy and relaxed.

Family location Photoshoot19

Family location Photoshoot01Family location shoot02Family location Photoshoot04Family location Photoshoot10Family location Photoshoot08Family location Photoshoot09

A surprise for mum | A family location shoot

This location shoot with three brothers and their families was a pleasure to photograph. It was a surprise for their mum’s birthday I honestly think there is nothing more precious to a person than their family – this would be a perfect gift for their mother.

I have known the family since I was fourteen years old that is a long time . I photographed the wedding of the lovely Gaynor and Tim so when I was asked to meet up with everyone again for a location shoot I was over the moon for two reasons: first of all, I love to photograph large families outdoors, and secondly I knew spending time with this family would definitely have me laughing whilst I worked.

We met up in my favourite place – the woods in Purley – one morning. This location is great as you have so many backgrounds in one small area.

I hope to continue to photograph happy occasions for this family over the years and I expect there will be many more for them.

Family location Photoshoot03Family location Photoshoot07Family location Photoshoot04Family location Photoshoot05Family location Photoshoot06