A gift for our mum – a location photography shoot with the grandchildren

All the way across the world lives my only brother together with his wife, three children and lots of pets and animals.

As a surprise for our parents we decided on a photo shoot with all the grandchildren together for them.  We would then put the best images in an album and get them a large professionally framed image too.

It was during a family holiday at christmas just before a meal I spent a short amount of time with the kids having fun and taking various images of them around the huge garden.  Nan and granddad ended up in a few images too which was not planned but worked out perfectly.

I honestly cannot think of anything more special that my brother and I could have got for our parents as it is not often all the grandchildren are all together and their is nothing more special then children.

Grandchildren Photoshoot 01Grandchildren Photoshoot 02Grandchildren Photoshoot 03Grandchildren Photoshoot 04Grandchildren Photoshoot 05Grandchildren Photoshoot 06Grandchildren Photoshoot 07Grandchildren Photoshoot 08Grandchildren Photoshoot 09Grandchildren Photoshoot 10

If you are still deciding on what to surprise your mum or wife to this Mother’s day to show them how special they are why not consider a gift certificate for portraits either of the children or why not make it a day out and have mum in the portraits too or the whole family and the pets 🙂

And for those mums out there is does not hurt to give a hint.

Make mum happy with a thoughtful and easy gift.

A gift package will include a 1 hour family portrait session with a framed image.   It will take place at your home or a location nearby.  Gift certificates can be sent or collected.

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